So You Wanna Be a Hog Hunter, Huh? You’ve Come to the Right Place

hog-hunterSo, you and your buddies caught the hog hunting bug, huh? You think of hog hunting as an escape from the oversanitized, bland, and overly sheltered confines of city life, and desperately want it for you and your buddies to get back to a more primal lifestyle, even if only for a few hours – just to get away from it all.

Regardless of what your motivation is, and regardless of what animal rights activists say about hunting, hunting for feral hogs does provide a thrill like no other.

Like any other hobby you might want to get into, getting your feet wet may be a daunting task – so much so that you may not even get around to starting it. But don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with a list of five essentials to get you a head start into the wonderful weird world of boar hunting. Think of it as an initiation….who knows, you just might catch the next Hogzilla.

Now then, let’s get right to it….before your interest wanes.

1. Be Legit

If you don’t pay, you don’t play. Every state that has a feral hog population problem, or any state that allows hunting for that matter requires prospective hunters to register, get legal, and get a license. Otherwise, you may be get into some hot water whenever you hunt for wild boar. Some states may have fewer requirements for you to hunt….but it pays to make sure you’re in good terms with the law. Get this straightened out first before anything else.

2. Buy the Right Equipment

Once you get requirements sorted out, you can begin with the fun stuff: buying your gear. Make sure you purchase ballistic ammunition, and carry a sidearm on you all the time. Invest in a kill light and a UV light to track blod trails at nighttime. Most importantly, protect yourself at all times and wear tactical gear to protect your body such as a vest – these hogs are wild, and they can hurt you when you least expect it.

3. Aim for the Head, Heart, or Shoulders

The first tenet of hunting is to make sure that the animal you hunt is killed in a humane fashion – this is why you have to aim for the head, heart, or their front shoulders. Otherwise, they will scamper before they fall over dead – which may lead you to hours of frustration trying to find where it went.

4. Prepare for the Elements

Hunting at night is a challenge. You might need to camp out and for that you need the right equipment like a tent. You also should get a comfortable chair, nap whenever you feel tired, and establish good shooting lanes. Doing a proper reconnaissance of the hunting grounds will do you a world of good when nightfall comes and they come out to forage.

5. Know How to Prepare Hogs for Eating, If You Intend To

This ain’t your farm-raised, civilized hog – these hogs are wild and thus dirty. So before you prepare boar meat for the table, make sure you know how to clean them. Many of them are covered in ticks and fleas, making for a tough cleaning job. After properly cleaning and preparing them, make sure to check yourself for said ticks and fleas, so as to avoid illnesses such as lyme disease.

Well, that covers a basic foundation of what you need to know out there – happy hunting!