The Secret of Calories-In vs Calories-Out

Calories IntakeDespite the reality that you have searched a thousand websites of read hundreds of articles about the secret of getting fit and staying fit, the single constant that never changes is calories. More specifically, it’s your net calorie intake that is the deciding factor of your health. As you might already know, calories are the most crucial factor no matter what your goals or plans are, there is no other thing that affects the outcome of your diet plans as much as calories. If we sum up all the steps you take to achieve a certain health goal, then it’s only calories that will differ according to your goals. Once you have established a goal, then all your intake (carbs, fats, proteins etc.) are set to a fixed value which consequently fixes your calorie intake as well. Your intake remains set while you lose weight or build muscles. The only thing that varies depending upon the diverse number of health goals is the calories intake.

1. Calories Intake

It is a well-known fact that everything we eat or drink contains a certain amount of calories except some obvious things like water. All the things we eat or drink ultimately constitute to the amount of calories intake in a day.

2. Calories Burned

Now we turn to the amount of calories burned. Every physical activity, be it outdoors or indoors, we indulge ourselves into burns our calories. Calories are like the fuel our body needs to do work. From the simplest daily tasks like standing, walking and bathing to the specific exercises such as jogging, weight lifting and cycling, all of these activities burn calories depending upon the duration and intensity of the exercise. Our body also utilizes a substantial amount of calories just to maintain the proper functions. The calories being utilized are also termed as calories burned.

3. Consequences of Calorie Balance and Imbalance

Above mentioned facts should be enough to convey the significance of calories. All of the results of your diet depend upon the number of calories you intake and the number of calories burned. Even the energy inside our body follows the basic laws of energy and mass conservation.

There are basically three cases when it comes to calorie balance. The first one would be that the calories you intake are more than your body needs so the excess calories have nowhere to go and are consequently stored in your body as fat or as muscle depending upon your exercise or physical activity. Your body realizes how much calories it needs and it always stores the excess calories. If you want to build muscles through calories, then you need a well-designed workout that guides your brain about what to do with the excess calories.

The second case if that if you take less calories then needed, your body will burn the fat to convert them into calories to fulfil its needs. That is basically the secret behind weight loss.

The third case is that calories intake is equal to calories burned, this results in maintenance which means nothing changes.

The best way to track your calories intake and calories burned is by the use of fitness tracker, of which you can learn all about at Fitness Exact. No matter what your fitness goals are, a fitness tracker always pays off if you know how to use it.