How to Transform a Spare Room into a Home Office

Even if you have a 9 to 5 job or a place of business, having your own home office definitely has a lot of benefits. Those days that you have to bring home work or on weekends when you want to work on sideline jobs, an area in your home made specifically for this type of use would be best.

We always hear about our homes being sacred and as soon as we get home, we shouldn’t take our jobs with us. However, there are times when we simply have no choice. We’d rather take home those files and folders rather than spend an all-nighter in the office and miss out on our family dinner. Then there are people who have there own small business wherefore they need to rent an office space in the city. For average income earners that is a lot of extra money spent. The best way to deal with it is by having an area of your home designated for work. This way, you don’t have to deal with distractions and your family can still enjoy the rest of the home without worrying about being any disturbance to you.

1. Cleanliness is very important.

First of all, you have to clean out your spare room. It can be the smallest room in your home—perhaps a guest room or even a storage area. After all, you only need a desk and a chair and maybe some shelves to keep your files organized. Especially if this spare room hasn’t been used in a while, you have to thoroughly clean it. Working in a dirty room can get you sick because of all the dust that accumulated through time.

2. Repaint the room into a relaxing color.

After the room has been cleaned thoroughly, a paint job would also be nice. Choose a relaxing color. Perhaps green or yellow would be nice because these colors are easy on the eyes. They even say that if you get dizzy after hours of working on your computer, look at something green and focus on it for a while to get rid of the dizziness so you can probably incorporate this to your home office.

3. Power outlets are much needed.

Make sure that there are enough power outlets as well. Aside from a cooler or heater, you may need to plug in a lamp, your computer, printer, paper shredder, etc. Power outlets are most definitely important because these will also protect your home office from power overloads.

4. Storage spaces keep the room organized.

Makita LS1040 10-Inch Compound Miter SawHave enough storage space for your files, folders and other possessions. Find yourself a miter saw (see ) so you can perfectly cut pieces of wood in the best angles, create boxes and cabinets and then place them on walls and corners of the room. Especially if you have a very small room to work with, storage areas are essential to keep the space organized, and Straight Kerfs explains how you can make that work.

5. Ventilation will keep you working comfortably in your home office.

Another important consideration is for you to keep the room well ventilated. Even if you don’t initially plan to work for long hours in your home office, you might have to do so later on.