How to Decide Whether You Need a Stand Mixer or Not

In this era, where the battle between different appliances is raging and you become a victim of dilemma which tools to include in your arsenal and which tools won’t be worth what they cost. When you come upon the verdict of giving a kitchen equipment some serious thought, the first thing you need to do is be honest with yourself because that’s the only way you can come upon a sound deduction and the right decision. A stand mixer is one of the tools that looks really cool sitting in your kitchen but is it really worth buying? Does it pay for what it costs? If you are wondering if you should buy it or not, this article will aid you in making a decision.

1. What’s the Fact?

The first and foremost query that you need to answer is if you really need a stand mixer or not. No wonder they are beautiful tools that adds a lot to the elegance and aesthetics of your kitchen but that’s not the primary reason to buy a tool. This decision depends upon the fact what type of cooking are you into? Do you make bread, cookies, cakes, pizzas and other recipes that require you to beat, knead or whip? If the answer to this question is yes then stand mixer is a must have for you. It makes everything really easy in such recipes.

2. What Would Be the Frequency of Use?

The second question you need to think about is how frequently would you be using it if you owned a stand mixer? Stand mixers are expensive and their procurement is only justified if you used them at least once a week. If you are among the people who rarely cook something that requires dough and baking then you don’t need to waste all that money and space in your kitchen just to make it look cool.

3. Do You Have the Space Needed?

A mixture of good quality and standard is boisterous in size and heavy as well which means moving it around isn’t a walk in the park so you know exactly what area to reserve on your kitchen counter.
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4. Do You Have the Finance Needed?

Once you have tackled all of the questions above and come upon a verdict that yes, owning a stand mixer would be a great idea and it would certainly pay for what it costs and you also have the space for such large equipment in your kitchen then the last and the most critical question comes into mind. How much should I exactly spend or how much can I spend? The answer can also be deduced from the questions above. The price ranges of stand mixer is $100-$400 and even above. If you cook such recipes that require a lot of kneading or whipping such as making bread, then you can’t go for low power cheap models.
It’s in your best interest to spend in the best that you can afford but if you need it for rare use and for basic baking recipes then you can look out for great deals on lower power models that won’t cost you a lot.