Going Up the Headlands on a Weekend? Don’t Forget to Take These 5 Items With You

hikerThe contemporary digital age has, without a shadow of a doubt, changed how individuals live on a daily basis – and that includes taking to nature. Not very long ago, a hiker or backpacker had to be completely self-reliant once they went off the beaten track.

At most, the only devices one would have to assist along the way were maps and compasses.

Yes, these were as far as technological implements many a hiker had. If your navigational skills were abysmal, you would have to risk dealing with the remorselessness of nature – to often tragic results (Christopher McCandless and Into the Wild, anyone?).

Fortunately, technology has made it possible not only to adequately deal with an emergency, but it has made hiking a much safer and more enhanced experience – regardless of whether you think it is a cop-out or completely antithetical to what the whole point of outdoorsmanship and survivalism is, as it is a different and completly subjective and philosophical discourse to discuss so.

We’ll show you 5 gadgets that you should probably start bringing with you on your weekend hikes in the mountains, especially if you’re more of a beginner to hiking, or hiking alone – You probably need some tips on what to take with you without having to spend a lot of money at first. Use the technology that is available to you, and leave the dreams of being the next Les Stroud to those who are more experienced. Here we go.

1. The Luci by Mpowerd

This is a small solar powered light that can supply about 80 lumens of light for an area as big as 16 square feet. The light is inflatable, so one can compress it and inflate it based on the size of the storage space available. The light is also durable and will operate in extreme temperatures. When charged, it can maintain its energy for close to 12 hours, and when stored, the charge can last as many as 30 days.

2. The Sawyer Squeeze Filter

A system that can purify or filter water is an absolute necessity for a hiker. The Sawyer system is versatile, light and it can be stored easily in a bag or backpack. To filter water, one only needs to fill the pouch and squeeze the water through the filter device embedded within. It is this filter that makes the water ready to drink. The Sawyer system would be extremely handy if one intends to hike for a couple of days.

3. The Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

The Nemo Helio is a pressurized shower that allows you to clean up in the wilderness. All a hiker has to do is fill the bag with water, and if left in the sun, it can produce warm water to shower. For it to work, you need to step on the foot pump severally to access the pressurized hot water.

4. The NAO Headlamp by Petzl

It can get wildly unnerving at night during a camping or hiking excursion. Light, therefore, is essential to keep you safe and sound. The Petzl headlamp has smart technology that it uses to adjust the strength of the beam, which then produces even lighting throughout.

5. The Power Traveller Powermonkey Extreme

When traveling with all these devices, you definitely require a charger that will allow you continued usage of the high tech devices you brought along with you. The Powermonkey Extreme is a portable waterproof solar charger that also comes with a rechargeable battery in case the solar energy is not sufficient.

There are a gazillion more ways technology is changing our life as we know it, whether in the mountains or in the city – and they can all be found at iThingum. If you think these five items are great technological advances, wait until you’ve seen the latest!