Sustain Yourself Through Arduous Hikes with these 15 Protein-Packed Foods

Ever wonder what affordable, nutritious, and long-lasting food you can bring on long hikes, camps, or backpacking tours? I’ll bet the first thing that pops into your mind is the same old boring raisins, nuts, and granola schtick you’ve been hearing for ages – you’re not wrong, those are definite staples, but it’s not the ONLY staple. Far too often, newbies to backpacking get the nutrition side wrong – the exclusion universe of these foods are not just limited to just pounds and pounds or sacks and sacks of homemade trail mix and granola bars. See, prepping for arduous outdoor activities such as the ones mentioned need proper sustenance, and that’s just what we’ve come up with – 15 amazing […]

Going Up the Headlands on a Weekend? Don’t Forget to Take These 5 Items With You

The contemporary digital age has, without a shadow of a doubt, changed how individuals live on a daily basis – and that includes taking to nature. Not very long ago, a hiker or backpacker had to be completely self-reliant once they went off the beaten track. At most, the only devices one would have to assist along the way were maps and compasses. Yes, these were as far as technological implements many a hiker had. If your navigational skills were abysmal, you would have to risk dealing with the remorselessness of nature – to often tragic results (Christopher McCandless and Into the Wild, anyone?). Fortunately, technology has made it possible not only to adequately deal with an emergency, but it […]

So You Wanna Be a Hog Hunter, Huh? You’ve Come to the Right Place

So, you and your buddies caught the hog hunting bug, huh? You think of hog hunting as an escape from the oversanitized, bland, and overly sheltered confines of city life, and desperately want it for you and your buddies to get back to a more primal lifestyle, even if only for a few hours – just to get away from it all. Regardless of what your motivation is, and regardless of what animal rights activists say about hunting, hunting for feral hogs does provide a thrill like no other. Like any other hobby you might want to get into, getting your feet wet may be a daunting task – so much so that you may not even get around to […]