Allergies and Heat Related Illnesses during summer

With the holidays and the trips, summer brings a lot of worries as well. Some of them are in the form of diseases inflicted by the extreme temperature. If one is exposed to extreme temperatures for a prolonged period of time, they become prone to heat related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Besides the heat related illnesses, humidity of hot weather also provokes allergies which becomes more of a reason to be more careful during hot weather. People who dwell in the regions which suffer extremely hot weathers during the summer need to have the lore to plan accordingly. Below mentioned are heat related illnesses and allergies and how to prevent them.

Heat Cramps

A mild form of the heat inflicted illnesses but it can also cause quite a lot of problems if not dealt with. Heat cramps occur when the body loses excessive amount of salts and fluids which usually occurs when someone overexerts their bodies resulting in painful cramps in muscles. Its symptoms are muscle spasms and it usually occurs in arms or legs. The best way to prevent it is by drinking a substantial amount of fluids and salts.

Heat Exhaustion

Air dehumidifier

It is a severe form of heat inflicted illness which is a consequence of losing large amounts of water and salts through excessive sweating due to strenuous exercise or labor. Loss of fluids and salts in a drastic amount can meddle with brain function dizziness, light headedness, irritability, headache and even nausea or vomiting. The people who suffer heart, kidney or lung diseases are especially vulnerable to heat exhaustion along with the people who have low sodium diet. If left unattended, heat exhaustion can lead to a heat stroke. Intake enough fluids and salts and avoid overexerting yourself in labor that can lead to such a plight.


Along with all the diseases, hot weather is also not good for the people with allergies, high humidity can build up mold or mildew anywhere around the house which can release spores that can trigger the allergy. Such molds and mildew are not only a threat to health but to the infrastructure of the house as well. Avoiding such a scenario demands that you maintain proper ventilation in your house and if it has high humidity, then you might want to consider installing a whole house dehumidifier which is in best interest of the people who live in high humidity regions. A whole house dehumidifier will ensure that your house stays safe and will reduce the risk of all the heat related illnesses along with the allergies.

Heat Stroke

The worst form of heat related illness is a heat stroke which is a life threatening scenario as a consequence to prolonged exposure to intense heat. During a heat stroke, our brain malfunctions and our body loses the ability to cool itself through sweating which results in increasing core temperature which can exceed to dangerous levels. The symptoms of heat stroke are confusion, fainting, seizures, excessive sweating and very high body temperature. If and when someone gets a heat stroke, it is necessary that the person’s body is cooled down. Placing the person under a fan and putting ice packs under their armpits might help temporarily but ambulance should be called immediately.